Monday, 11 May 2015

The Finished Project

Although I feel slightly like an old lady with nothing to do, other than garden, it's safe to say I think it's been time well spent. I've spent numerous days taking trips to garden centres and many hours spent in the rain planting my vegetable plants, so I'm ecstatic to say I've finally completed what I set out to do; create a vegetable patch!
       I put in my own raised beds in to a piece of land down the side of my house and planted endless amounts of vegetables, some from seeds and some that have already began to grow. My collection includes broccoli, four different types of tomato, a variety of lettuce, sage, parsley, peas, strawberries, two types of cabbage and carrots. Phew, that's a mouthful. It really is quite enjoyable going out each morning and seeing the first few shoots starting to appear. Enough talking, for those that care I've added some photos for you all to see:) I'm off to buy some more netting to put over my last veg patch to stop my mischievous cats pooing in it! Gross! 

P.s, I finally finished Gossip Girl! I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with myself now😭 I am even considering watching it again! Any series you highly recommend? Comment below..
Happy blogging!


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Becoming a 'Gardener'...

It's not everyday you hear a 19 year old saying they want to do some gardening, but recently gardening has become my second most favourite thing to do(Please please don't judge me). 

    I have always wanted to grow some vegetables simply because of the excitement of watching something so tiny grow into something so big and of course the fact the product is edible is a bonus! I have always remembered the time at which my grandad had his own allotment and we used to walk over to it with our wellies and spades and dig up the potatoes. It was this excitement I wanted to relive.

     I started off by asking my grandad, otherwise known as the vegetable growing expert, for some tips. He sent me some lettuce seeds to plant as well as much needed instructions to make sure I didn't fail. Safe to say my first pot of lettuce if growing perfectly and yesterday I planted my second lot. I also bought a tomato plant to grow to really test my vegetable caring skills. I considered growing tomatoes from seeds, but thought I'd take the easy option. 


   A few weeks ago, to create some space to plant yet more vegetables, I cleared some awful bushes from the side of my house. It took me forever, but when I finally finished it all, and squeezed all the bushes into my little Citroen to take to the tip (not forgetting the numerous cuts I received all up my arms(tip:always garden in long sleeved attire)) I was left with the excitement of the next stage; creating some raised beds. I discovered , when clearing out the bushes, that the ground is incredibly rocky and dry. I tried to sieve the soil to remove some debris, but there was just too much, so decided raised beds were the best possible answer. 

   Today I put in my first raised bed! I've run out of stakes and log rolls to do the next, but should get it done over the weekend, then hopefully I can plant my next lot of seeds! In preparation for this moment I bought some cabbage, carrots, onions and broccoli seeds. I've also decided to grow some herbs outside so when my indoor herbs die(like they always do after a few days) I have a back up plan. I thought about growing the herbs from seeds but instead found an even better way to grow them; propogation. I've cut a bit of basil off my plant and removed all but two of the leaves. I've then put it in a jug of water. Now I'm just left hoping the stem will start to sprout some roots and I can grow it! I'm stupidly excited about it. 

   Once I've finished constructing my raised beds I hope to show you all my plants as they start to grow!

Happy blogging :)

P.s here's a photo of my new hair do..

Monday, 27 April 2015

BACK AGAIN/ makeup haul



I have managed over the past few weeks to not only loose weight, but to completely change my diet AND start running twice a week! I hope you're just as surprised as I am! So, as I sit drinking my green tea and eating my salad I decided it's definitely worth updating you all. For the past few months I have found my self in my favourite drug store, Superdrug, a few days after each pay day. Today, yet again, my few purchases turned more into a haul so thought it best to share them with you. 
   Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on most of the time on all cosmetics so once I had picked up more than three items, I couldn't help but pick up three more! The first item I picked up was Max Factor's Face Finity, 3 in 1 foundation. When ever I look at new foundations I like to test their texture. I have quite oily skin so thick foundations are a definite no-go! This foundation is not only thin, but is also extremely silky meaning that application is easy and the skin doesn't appear too 'fake'.   


  My second item was yet another L'Oréal Collection Exclusive Lipstick. This time I bought Eva's Nude. I have been dying to get the perfect nude shade to match my skin tone and this one is perfect. I love this collection and anyone else who has tried it is bound to agree on how great they are. To match the lipstick I bought a L'Oréal Lip Liner in Beige à Nu. They both work well together to create that great nude lip look.


  The fourth item I bought was a lip liner to match my Topshop lipstick in the shade called Beguiled. Lip liners are a definite essential and everyone should own a different lip liner for each lipstick they own. Another essential is a liquid liner. I constantly swap between the felt tip pen liners and the normal liquid liner. A few felt tip liners caught my eye, but in the end I  decided on L'Oréal's Super Liner. What I liked about it was the thick tip as well as the thickness in which it applied the liquid liner. 



  Last, but not least, I purchased a Bourjois Colourband Eyeshadow& liner. This came in four shades, but I chose number two which is a dark browny gold. I've been wanting to learn how to create the perfect smoky eye and thought this might be a great addition to my eyeshadows.


I hope you've enjoyed my haul post. To finish it off I just want to show you a photo of my current hair cut crush. If you get a chance you must have a look at the work of Anh Co Tran! If you haven't yet heard of him the here's what you need to know. He's a hair stylist working his magic all over America. Check out his Instagram for more photos of his work, but here's my favourite and the inspiration for my hair cut tomorrow! Also, rather exciting, I'm off to my first EVER yoga class this evening and I cannot wait! 


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Travelling& University

April the 14th

Easter weekend is the perfect weekend to sit with the family and stuff our faces with a roast dinner and endless chocolate eggs! 
     My endless search for a cheap trip has finally come to an end. My dad bought me some plane tickets to New York in June and I absolutely cannot wait! We might even be ending the trip by going whale watching in Canada! Who could ask for more? No doubt I will put together a bucket list to make sure I do do everything I didn't do last time! My recent Gossip Girl addiction also makes this trip 10 time more exciting! I've also got my trip to Corfu with Jamie to look forward to which means even more holiday clothes shopping is required as well as more hours spent in the gym. This reminds me to let you all know my plans to start training for a half marathon on Monday. Fingers crossed il last longer than a day!
    My university start date is drawing closer and closer, and my excitement grows day by day. I've booked my accommodation, applied for student finance and I'm now starting to think about how to prepare. I've been looking at accommodation for my second year already and dreaming about what it will finally be like to live away from home. 
      I have a recipe of the week for you all which is Asparagus, pea and courgette risotto. Simply sweat some onions and garlic with the veg. Add the rice until it goes clear then gradually add ladles of stock until it's all cooked. Add some cream cheese for a more creamy taste.

For now,
Happy blogging  

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Photo of the Day

Day two of 'running'

I'm yet to achieve my second run. Right now I'm curled in a ball preparing for a nap hoping only to wake up half an hour before I have to go to work again! 
   I'm awake and just made a failed omelette and vegetables. I'm hoping to go for a run this evening, if not I will have to go for an extra long one tomorrow! I have however finally found THE Pilate's class that I am going to attend. This week I'm going to pop along and spy on them to see what they do, then book myself in for next week.

A whole day has passed and I'm yet to manage to embark on run number two. Fingers crossed I will get back from work and go on one, all depending on how desperately I want to get into bed! I finally got my holiday off of work so tonight I will  also look for the perfect holiday. Can't wait! Random post today with not much to say, but I will let you know how my run goes..

I've just done a thirty minute work out focusing mainly on the abs and now I'm finally motivated enough to go for a run. I'm only going once round the block but I aim to do it in less than three minutes. Let's see if I'm successful.. 
   Well, it didn't happen. I did it in 7 minutes, but to be fair I did walk the first two minutes to warm up, so on the whole I don't think I did to bad. Can't wait for tomorrow's run! Here's two photos I took earlier which I hope to compare to my body in a few months.
Happy blogging!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Photo of the Day

February the 28th

If I said I was tired I would be lieing. I'm totally and utterly shattered. My mother arrived home from Nice last night and asked for me to pick her up from the airport. As usual, when flying with Easyjet, the flight was delayed so we didn't arrive home until gone 12.00pm. 
     I failed to go for a run today, not because I went to work, but because I spent the afternoon with Jamie in Brighton eating tasty Burritos and failing to find any decent items of clothing. Not forgetting the endless amount of time sat in the car trying to get into Brighton. Every shop we went into had their spring/summer collection in already even though outside it was 7 degrees and pouring with rain. All I wanted was a perfect knitted polo neck jumper, but none were to be found. 
     I have never had a burrito until today and God it was good! I would tell you the name of the place but I can't remember to save the life of me. 
    For now ladies and gents I'm off to bed and I shall stay there for as long as possible.
Happy blogging!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Water and running challenge

Day one

Most people in January say "New year, new me!" In my case I'm two months late, but it's better late then ever. I recently read in Cosmopolitan that Rosie Huntington- Whiteley drinks a litre of water, first thing, everyday (of course after some form of caffeine intake). I took this as some inspiration for my 'change' and decided to also start drinking one litre of water everyday. I drank my first litre yesterday morning. I felt no different apart from needing to go to the loo every five seconds!
     Today is day one of my running routine. Il be sharing with you how far I run and how long I take as well as telling you how I feel afterwards. I'm off for my first run now so il let you know how it goes when I get back...
     I'm back and I'm totally knackered. Here's the stats: I ran 3.96km in 17minutes and 11 seconds. Hopefully I can improve upon that! I found it quite hard to keep pushing on and found myself walking to allow me to gain my breath. We will see how tomorrow goes! I'm going to relax now by having a cold shower then do some French lessons, some knitting and reading!
Happy blogging!